I’m looking in the mirror and I’m not there

And I’m loosing it again – it’s the same old game

Ever since that kiss I float like a mist

I’m howling again – always the pain

Been so long and I still can’t put it behind me

No matter where I’m gone it only takes so long til you find me

There’s an echo from the darkness way before

I jump every time there’s a knock at my door

Just what is it you want me for

I just can’t run away


There’s a pounding in my head pulls me out of my bed

And I’m loosing it again it’s the same old game

Caught in the night as I burn in the daylight

I’m howling again – always the pain

The beating heart and the rush of blood through the vein

Down through the years the taste of it remains

I’m listening to whispers behind the walls

Something is stirring as the darkness falls

Just what’s coming, who is it that calls

You know I just can’t wait



There’s no silver bullet for this disease,

No bell book and candle to grant release

Only one secret remedy,

Only a sip to set me free


Now I’m mad with the song that my forefathers sang

And I’m loosing it again – the same old game

The smell in my lungs, the taste on my tongue

I’m hungry again – the same old pain

The moonlight runs like a river all through the dark trees

And the scent on the night air calls up a memory in me

Tomorrow I may wake cold and alone

Bloody and ripped from the roots and the stones

But it won’t kill the fire deep in my bones

It never dies away


I'm looking in the mirror, and I'm not there

Looking over my shoulder. I've disappeared

Heart and soul I’m swallowed whole by the hunger

Drawn by the bait I can’t wait any longer

There’s a pushing in the air when you feel it coming

Sets the branches dancing, the wires humming

Just a sight or a sound and you set me running

You know I just can’t stay


Oooo what big eyes you’ve got,

Oooooo what big teeth


I'm not aware of any werewolves in the Welsh Marches, but there were plenty of wolves of one kind or another.

I should acknowledge Buffy the Vampire Slayer - its wonderful darkness and humour got me thinking this song.


September 2002



Newly recorded version for Guilty Secrets CD 2013
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