Timeless Land by Vicki Williams

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Written by  the late Vicki Williams of Rhuddlan who was one half of a very fine duo together with Trefor. When I heard them perform this song in the summer of 2002 I just knew fate had played one of those serendipitous hands……

Thanks Vicki, thanks Fate.


Sometimes when I cross the border, feel I haven’t been away

Down the road that Telford built along the old highway

Like a land of giants dark trees move on the edge

And they are waiting for us along the road ahead

Feel I could live forever here in this timeless land

Feel the earth’s own heartbeat – hold it in your hand

Like the ground beneath us knows the heart of man

Feel I’ve been here forever here in this timeless land


The wide land of England spread before me now

Once my people lived here before the Saxon plough

Still the land speaks to me, whispers in my bones

Don’t you know I’m part of you in sunlight and in stones


There’s a blossom in the branches that grows to heal your heart

Fresh and new the world seems now and ancient as the stars

Let the rhythm touch you and listen to the beat

Above and all around you where earth and morning meet



Now I travel homewards while leaving home behind

And while my feet still walk this earth this world’s a friend of mine